This page links to all available presentations from the 2013 The Cars of Tomorrow conference 2013.

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Dr Neil Wong – National Transport Commission
How the Australian car market is changing

Dr Anup Bandivadekar – The International Council on Clean Transportation
The issues that keep global auto executives awake at night

Garry Connelly – FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety & Sustainability
Why motorsport is taking the lead in low emission technology and sustainability

Chris Binns – City of Sydney
Sustainable fleet programs – just make it happen!

Tom Garrish – Department of Transport (VIC)
The Victorian EV trial – progress and new insights

Jim Walker – AutoCRC
Industry Overview

Andy Eastlake – Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (UK)
Regulatory interventions: successes and failures in other markets

Dr Tom Turrentine – California Energy Commission Plug-in Hybrid Electric and Vehicle Research Centre, UC Davis
How people behave: Increasing the appeal of new technology

Prof Simon Washington – Queensland University of Technology
Stimulating LEV sales in technology

Brian Negus – RACV
Communicating with the Motorist